Real Estate & Finance Division

We began our partnership as private lenders to fix-and-flippers and small developers in 2015. We originated $45MM in loans as Legacy Capital and learned how to build a business well and retain earnings to scale.

Our Businesses:

With enough capital in retained earnings, we set out to develop a general contracting business to service our real estate investments with more speed, accuracy and control. We successfully launched Spruce Builders in 2019 as a joint venture. Spruce Builders has completed many successful projects in its short lifespan; development of 100 homes (and counting) to serve the workforce of Philadelphia, renovation of a National Historic Landmark into a boutique hotel which has been prominently recognized for its design and message and lastly multi-family development that allows us to diversify our real estate holdings.

The team we built here taught us the importance of hiring A Players and having the right people in the right seats.